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We want your business to stand out just like our own. With perfection mindsets your building will look brand new again. We can reach the limits of two stories or less. With insurance up to $1,000,000. We offer pressure washing for your commercial facility including parking lots, sidewalks, fencing, and exterior of buildings. Our window cleaning services provide the perfect shine inside or out of your building with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Gutter cleaning will give you chance to have you gutters working and looking brand-new again. 


Homes are what us humans take pride in. To have a clean welcoming home, gives satisfaction to yourself and neighbors. We take pride in all of our work, but cleaning homes is exciting for us because that’s where most people see what we are worth. Our services included window cleaning, pressure washing and gutter cleaning. While cleaning your windows we will make sure your frame, tracks and screens are clean to ensure that your entire window looks new again. We offer pressure washing for your driveways, walkways, patios, fences, and solar cleaning (using special equipment and supplies to ensure no damage to panels) As well as giving your home a soapy wash down preventing bad bacteria/mold to spread, keeping your house well maintained. Your gutters are important to us as they are what keeps the water off of our shiny Windows. Keeping them empty of derby and residue free. This will allow your gutters have a free water flow with an outstanding look.


Overtime, driveways, patios, walkways, parking lots, fences, gutters, etc., will accumulate seasonal dirt and grime. We will take care of that process for you. Providing safety protocols to ensure that we don’t damage any property. This will extend the life of your home/building as well as make it stand out on the block.



Gutters have a big impact on your home. They keep rain and debris from making its way down the side of your home causing mold and erosion which can further damage your home severely. To ensure the best water flow, any disruptions need to be removed to give a clean and functional gutter. Keeping it residue free and sparkling clean.



When it comes to the holidays don’t make your husband risk an injury on your roof. Let us that care of the risk factor. Clearside Services offers high quality lighting for long lasting and bright lights. We customize your lights to your specific home. We make your ideas become a reality! Once the holidays are over for you we will come out and remove your lights and store them giving you a stress free holiday.



Your Solar Panels are a HUGE investment! Maintaining them is just as important as they are to save you money. As the seasons change, debris and dirt may coat them with a layer that will obstruct the sun rays. It is highly recommended to professionally clean your solar panels at least TWICE a year. We use our Purified Water System Cleaner. This will insure the best professional cleaning for your panels. It takes out the risks of water stains, scratches and or damages to them.




Hi, I am Spencer Orr, a native Idahoan contractor with an honest, trustworthy, reliable team servicing the growing communities of Ada and Canyon counties.


At an early age, I called the outdoors my office. So, after multiple hours of community service in college servicing the Treasure Valley, I noticed that homes and buildings needed an exterior deep clean; then, I sought the opportunity to dedicate all my time to pursue this career.

I am proud to own Clearside Services and provide my clients with an outstanding service that makes their house or business stand out. 


For the last eight years, we have gained knowledge and technique to deliver to your satisfaction. I’m looking forward to building connections and working with new customers each year.


To serve my community, we developed a work order process that is easy and simple. By creating an easy-to-use website, you can schedule your appointments at your convenience with multiple payment options and referral discounts for you, your friends, and your family. 


We are proud of the work we do for our community and strive to overachieve each job resulting in happy customers growing our database of repeat clients, referring their friends and family to us.


We have hired Clearside Services twice now for our home window cleaning and have been thoroughly impressed with the job they did both times. 

I never realized the difference that window cleaning made on the whole home. Everything felt new again and it even made the inside of the house feel cleaner and shinier. Clearside was able to navigate some hard to reach areas, they cleaned both inside and outside, they were professional and reliable and the owner was easy to communicate and coordinate with. 

These are my go to guys now and I highly recommend them if you are needing a high quality cleaning

Amy H.


Call 208-949-7876 or click the "Get a Quote Now" button below for a FREE estimate! We're ready to discuss your project goals.

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